CrystalWalk is a crystal editor and visualizer software designed for teaching materials science and engineering. Based in WebGL/HTML5, it provides an accessible and interactive platform to students and professors by introducing a simplified crystallographic approach that creates crystal structures by combining a lattice with a motif without the use of its internal symmetry.

A comprehensive set of didactic functionalities is also available, as an online content publication platform for sharing interactive crystal structures, a “didactic narratives” tool to generate interactive classes based on predefined animated sequences as well the support for advanced interaction and virtual reality technologies as Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, LEAP Motion, multi-touch devices and 3D printing technologies.

The process of development and implementation of CrystalWalk was guided by principles of free software, accessibility and democratization of knowledge, adopting state of art technologies for the development of interactive web applications, such as HTML5/WebGL, service oriented architecture (SOA) and responsive, resilient and elastic distributed systems.

A brief description of the project and CrystralWalk’s main functionalities can be seen on Dr. Fernando Bardella’s seminar presentation to Drexel’s College of Engineering students.


Crystals for the Rest of Us

Finally a software built for students and the engineering curricula

Intuitive, Fast & Easy to Use

Create crystal structures with easy, just as taught in the engineering classes

Awesome 3D Graphics

Impress your students & improve your grades with beautiful graphics

high-resolution & photo-realistic

ideal for lectures, seminars, teaching labs, articles and posters

Run it Anywhere

PC, Mac, Mobile phone or Tablet - All you need is a web browser


Ideal for web-based courseware and web-accessible databases

Free as in Beer!

Free, open-source software licensed under the MIT License


All source code and documentation is available to modify or extend.

  • Intuitive, Fast & Easy to use: Finally a software designed to be used by students with the engineering curricula in mind.
  • Versatile: Create and share crystal structures online, download into your PC or have them 3D printed
  • High Resolution, Photo Realistic 3D Graphics: Ideal for lectures, seminars, teaching labs, articles and posters.
  • Cross-Platform: Based on WebGL, runs on PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet or any other HTML5 capable browser.
  • Open-Source: All source code and documentation is licensed under the MIT License and available to modify or extend

CrystalWalk’s key feature is its ease of use, particularly for engineering students. Different from other software, I can use the knowledge acquired from classes to create crystal structures.

R. G., Material Sciences Student

With CrystalWalk I can create crystal structures and actually understand what I’m doing.

D.F., Engineering Student

CrystalWalk has greatly improved our material science classes’ dynamics – interactive crystal structures, planes and directions are created fast and easily, leaving more time for discussions.

I.B.U., Material Sciences Student

Main Project Team

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mendes Leal Neto
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mendes Leal NetoIdealizer
Dr. Fernando Bardella
Dr. Fernando BardellaMain Researcher, Idealizer, Project Management & Execution
Ms. Andre Montes Rodrigues
Ms. Andre Montes RodriguesResearcher, Project Support

Core technical contributors, support & codebase maintenance

  • Alex Karatzaferis
  • André Gomes da Silva
  • Dr. Fernando Bardella
  • Rafael C. L. de Moraes
  • Thanos Saringelos

Research coordination & Project support

  • André Gomes da Silva
  • Ms. André Montes Rodrigues
  • Ms. Marcos de Arruda

CrystalWalk Screenshot Gallery

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