CWD3 is a dynamic infographic platform built using the D3JS library to support the CrystalWalk’s systematic review analysis of existing crystallographic software and gather insights from the data visualization process. A brief introduction of CrystalWalk’s systematic review is detailed below or click here for in dept information.

A thorough systematic review was performed within available crystallographic software aiming to further investigate initially identified limitations for educational applications.

Using data acquired from IUCr’s software database and after enforcing category and keyword filters, 26 software were downloaded, executed and evaluated. According to the systematic review protocol, evaluation parameters were systematized in five main categories: (1) Technological, (2) Synthesis, (3) Visualization, (4) Navigation and Interactivity and (5) Didactic Criteria. Each reference scores were compared to the normalized sum of all parameters for each category (and vice versa).

CWD3 supported this process by aggregating data from each individual parameter, category group and total expressions, providing a visual, insightful and easily managed data slicing and dicing tool. Click LAUNCH button below and experience what CWD3 is capable of.


  • Intuitive, Fast & Easy to use: CWD3 transforms CrystalWalk’s systematic review a visual, insightful and aesthetical experience.
  • Cross-Platform: Based on JavaScript, runs on PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet or any other HTML capable browser.
  • Open-Source: All source code and research data is licensed under the MIT License and available to review, modify or extend.
  • Versatile: Enjoyed our approach? Review some more D3JS examples and see if we can be of any help.

Main Project Team

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mendes Leal Neto
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mendes Leal NetoIdealizer
Prof. Dr. Fernando Bardella
Prof. Dr. Fernando BardellaMain Researcher, Idealizer, Project Management & Execution
Ms. Andre Montes Rodrigues
Ms. Andre Montes RodriguesProject Execution

Technical Development & Support

  • Ms. André Montes Rodrigues
  • Prof. Dr. Fernando Bardella
  • Rafael C. L. de Moraes

Referencing CWD3

CWD3 literature is currently under development. For now, please refer to this page:

Bardella, F., Montes Rodrigues, A. & Leal Neto, R. M. “CWD3, a dynamic infographic platform for supporting CrystalWalk’s systematic review analysis” (Accessed on mm/dd/yyyy)”